Trauma and Transformation Through the Partnership of Modern Clinical Treatments and Ancient Spiritual Practices.


Welcome to my website!  My primary purpose, as a licensed clinical social worker, is to help trauma survivors who are seeking a spiritual solution, to deepen their healing and recovery. My particular approach incorporates a blending of modern clinical concepts, and ancient spiritual principles. I believe that experiencing trauma effects a person’s mind, body and spirit, and that addressing each aspect of the human being can deepen one’s recovery. I have one purpose, and that is to help trauma survivors who are seeking a spiritual solution as an adjunct to their treatment.  This is done by understanding and incorporating the spiritual concepts that are the foundation of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, by encouraging the use of modern systems of mental health treatment, and by supporting the integration of an efficient clinical and spiritual support system.

Over the last two decades, research has revealed the frequency of traumatic events, and their injurious effects on a survivor’s psyche. Mental health professionals have come to understand the connections between unresolved trauma and serious psychological problems. The role of spirituality in trauma recovery is often misunderstood and subsequently minimized. Trauma survivors usually have a difficult time experiencing their vulnerability and the attending feelings of having once been profoundly helpless and alone. Interest and research on the healing effects of applying spiritual tools to the multi-layered consequences of trauma survival - including emotional pain, and interpersonal difficulties - has burgeoned.  It is my hope, for every survivor seeking healing, to find the right tools as an adjunct to your healing process: a support, a guide, a comfort, a beacon of light on your journey. 



Rivka Edery is a career social worker who has ministered to scores of clients in crisis and deep emotional pain: drug addicts, mentally ill, adolescents at risk, victims of poverty, children of deployed military, and veterans in treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She has been on the frontline of intervention at some of the most prominent facilities and treatment centers in New York State. Rivka is much more than a clinician, mental health writer, and researcher. She brings her enlightened soul forward to share the truths from her own healing journey that began in childhood. Canadian born and daughter of a family of distinguished Rabbinical Scholars, Rivka attended grade school in Montreal and Toronto. Her first languages were French and Hebrew. She graduated from Thomas Edison State University with a Bachelor's in Social Science, and earned her Master of Social Work degree, with a research track, from Fordham University, in New York City. Rivka became a psychotherapist, and published her landmark book Trauma and Transformation: A 12 Step Guide in 2013. She clinically systematized the tools of the spiritual Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, that had healed her own struggles with addictions, symptomatic of childhood abuse, and Complex Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her book brilliantly brings into focus the spiritual dimension as an essential dynamic in healing from early childhood trauma, and addiction. The exposition of this synthesis between the spiritual tools and the clinical tools has expanded the access to the revered Twelve Step program beyond the addiction community, to P.T.S.D. patients with all types of symptoms. Through ongoing talk radio programs, multiple groups, publications, and podcasts, her evolving healing tools are continuously available to her followers.


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